Test class dependencies in multi project build

(greg.gigon) #1

Hi Guys

I’m migrating from M3 to M9. I have dependencies in my projects on test classes from other projects. I used the method that Adam suggested in his post http://gradle.1045684.n5.nabble.com/Test-classes-as-testCompile-dependencies-in-Multi-Project-td1436001.html Building a test jar, and including it in the project. Somehow, it stopped working. I got failures when I try to compile test classes. It looks like something changed I assume in this space. What would be the preferred way of going about that problem in M9?

Cheers, Greg

(Luke Daley) #2

Hi Greg,

Can you please give some information on how it failed, and share the relevant parts of your build.

(greg.gigon) #3

Hey Luke It didn’t fail with error. It failed with compilation errors, just like it didn’t include the compiled classes in testCompile dependency. Once again I need to stress out that the approach was done with the suggestion in post mentioned by me in original post.

Is there a preferred way of including test classes compiled from one project into another?

Cheers, Greg

(Luke Daley) #4

I can’t see any reason why this would not work.

Can you please post an illustrative build setup that:

  1. matches your setup 2. demonstrates the problem

(greg.gigon) #5

Hi Luke Structure is somewhat like the one in the here: https://github.com/greggigon/gradle-tests

However, that one doesn’t fail. I need to investigate more into it. Will let you guys know when I find out.

The only changes I needed to make for the M9 is the way test jar is being build. Had to change:

task testJar(type: Jar) {

from sourceSets.test.classes

classifier = ‘test’ }

into task testJar(type: Jar) {

from sourceSets.test.output

classifier = ‘test’ }

Cheers, Greg