Tasks dependency graph

In Gradle 3.3 the behaviour of gradle tasks --all changed (#854, Changelog). Since then the “only” all tasks are shown but the task dependencies are not rendered anymore.

I liked the task dependencies which were shown in previous version (<3.3) when calling gradle tasks --all. So you quickly saw which task is called as dependency by which tasks as well as the input of the tasks.
I know the taskTree plugin which would be workaround for me, but I dont’ want to install it in every gradle project.

Is it currently (or in future again) possible to output the old dependency graph with only core gradle tasks? Like gradle tasks --all --show-dependencyor so?

We are planning to implement that functionality though it is not planned yet: https://github.com/gradle/gradle/issues/980. I’d suggest you vote for the issue to give it a higher priority. If it’s super important to you, you could start with specing out the feature to get it started.