Task not found in multi-project buildSrc

Hi I am trying to solve my problem but can’t so I made a sample that shows it. I think I make something stupid but can’t find it by myself. If I write:

gradlew tasks
Build Setup tasks
init - Initializes a new Gradle build. [incubating]
wrapper - Generates Gradle wrapper files. [incubating]
  Hello tasks
helloTask - Just say hello.

You can see that there is task helloTask. But if I try to execute it:

gradlew helloTask
FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
  * What went wrong:
Task 'helloTask' not found in root project 'SampleGradle'.

The code can be found from: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48326074/SampleGradle.rar

I tried to change the groovy dir to java dir in the src folder. But and this do not give any results. I am run out of ideas.

After over 5 hours reading documentation I started to delete methods one by one from my Task class and the I find that when delete getName() something changes. I realized that when configuring the task

 name = 'John'
 title = 'Mr'

I change the name of the task ?!? I change the input variable name to personName and everything is OK now.