Suppressing a plugin warning

I get the message below which hints at a mechanism for silencing a warning: (silence with 'suppress…)
Am I correct in thinking that there is a Gradle mechanism that would allow me to easily suppress this warning? If there is, I would much appreciate a link, reference or description of how to invoke it. The generated artifact in Maven Local is correct and works so it would seem the warning is appropriate to ignore for my use case.

> Task :generatePomFileForJvmPublication
Maven publication 'jvm' pom metadata warnings (silence with 'suppressPomMetadataWarningsFor(variant)'):
  - Variant jvmRuntimeElements-published:
      -  contains dependencies that will produce a pom file that cannot be consumed by a Maven client.
          - com.pajato.tks:tks-common-core:0.9.+ declared with a Maven incompatible version notation
These issues indicate information that is lost in the published 'pom' metadata file, which may be an issue if the published library is consumed by an old Gradle version or Apache Maven.
The 'module' metadata file, which is used by Gradle 6+ is not affected.

It is a method on the publication: MavenPublication - Gradle DSL Version 8.7

Thanks for that, it was helpful.
Is the ‘variant’ argument “jvmRuntimeElements-published”? Or might it be “jvm”?

From the warning output I’d say the former. The latter is the name of the publication.