Support for Maven-like settings.xml and parent POM

Gradle newbie here, trying to figure out if gradle supports Maven’s equivalence of settings.xml (proxies, servers, repos, etc) and parent POM (distribution management) concepts in a Jenkins jobs environment where the settings.xml and parent POM are centralized and the password is either stored encrypted and / or injected into the Jenkins job. Also we are pulling from a local Artifactory server.

Thanks in advance for your insights.


I’ve written a plugin that may partially solve your problem. At the moment it only supports ‘<mirror>’ elements in the settings.xml. The intention is to eventually load other configuration like profiles as well.

Ideally though, the kind of capability you are describing would probably be implemented as a) initialization scripts or b) plugins applied across your organizations projects. You can definitely apply standard configuration across your projects but not in the same way you would do so in Maven (inherit from a parent POM). Things like repository credentials could be kept in a file in ~/.gradle.