Subprojects build.gradle to main build.gradle file


We are having many subprojects, each subprojects is having their own build.gradle file, and one main build.gradle file.

how we can define/call subprojects build.gradle files in projects main build.gradle file.

Kindly advise me.


We added subprojects in settings.gradle

You should not configure the subprojects from the root build scripts.
This is bad practice, discouraged, and works against some more sophisticated and some upcoming Gradle features.
If you want to centralize the project configuration, you should use convention plugins in buildSrc or an included build, for example implemented as precompiled script plugins.

@Vampire , thanks for your reply, is there any command to monitor tasks are running in parallel in centos/linux environment

I’m not sure what you mean and how it is related to this thread.
If it is unrelated, better open a new thread next time. :wink:
When running Gradle with the rich console output (the default on the commandline) then you should see one line per each task running in parallel.