Submit a new Gradle plugin

where can I submit a new plugin for gradle to allow the communityy to download it. This plugin enables to create an enterprise repository with gradle build and dependencies.


Great to hear that you want to contribute your plugin to the community. At the moment there does not exist a plugin portal for Gradle. However, this is on the development roadmap: Most people host their plugin code on GitHub but that’s totally up to you. You can make your plugin available by uploading it to Maven Central or any other compliant repository. A lot of people also add information about their plugin to the Gradle plugins Wiki page.


Hi Jerome, just wanted to confirm that Benjamin is spot on.

Expect to start seeing some developments here after 1.0 is released.

If you want to deploy your plugin to Maven Central, you should look at Sonatype OSS Maven Repository Usage Guide.

In addition you need to setup your build.gradle for this. Look at gradle-release-plugin’s build.gradle. Your build.gradle must include everything from the linked line and down to the end.

If you need some help with this, just let me know. I have done it quite a few times :slight_smile:

Ok I have host my plugin on bitbucket :slight_smile:

How can I information about my plugin on the gradle plugins wiki page?