Strange Functionality in Eclipse

Since I started using Buildship, I’ve been kind of confused about how I’m supposed to work in Eclipse now. Two issues:

  1. I’m used to compiling and running a class and looking at the output in the console. Now when I hit the run button, it will execute a Gradle build. How do I execute classes now?

  2. I created a project in Eclipse that doesn’t use Gradle. However, Eclipse doesn’t seem to recognize that I’m not using Gradle. It will still try to run Gradle build on the Gradle project. It doesn’t seem to recognize that I have an entirely different project open.

When you click the “run” button, it just runs the last Run Configuration
you ran. Click on the downarrow and open up the Run Configurations dialog
and select the one you want to run.

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That’s the thing though. I’m not trying to run a configuration. I just want to run the class that I’m working on. It’s just an Eclipse Java project; i’m not using Gradle to work on it.

Ok, then just right-click on the class in the package explorer and select
"run as" and select the right option. That will create a run config you can
reuse (and edit). This isn’t a gradle or buildship issue.

That didn’t work. I’m somewhat new to Java which is to say that I’m familiar with the language but I don’t write software professionally. The classes that I work on are pretty small; usually less than 100 lines. I started using Buildship because I wanted to learn Gradle but there are some things I don’t understand about Gradle so I wanted to simply things until I knew more. Before I created my first Gradle project, my Eclipse had a certain look and feel to it. Now it assumes that everything is a Gradle project. I just want to go back to being able to run the class that I’m working on and seeing the output in the console without all the extra complexity of having to run a “configuration”. What I’m asking is what in Buildship do I need to turn off so I can get the old functionality back?

Incredibly simple solution. Go to menu item Run -> run and then that added the ability to run a class back to my Run button.