Stopping Gradle daemon via Tooling API

In my plugin I use smoke testing to verify that at least base use cases work fine with Gradle 2.0 to 2.12. I use Nebula plugin and the Tooling API under the hood. Unfortunately daemons remain live after test execution allocating a few GBs of RAM which is not desirable especially on CI server.

A few years ago it was not possible to stop daemon using Tooling API. I wonder if it has changed in the meantime and if not what is the best way to handle it (I would like to have a daemon stopped after a test with given Gradle version)?

There’s no public API to stop daemons at the moment. We have some internal classes which you could look into e.g. DaemonLogsAnalyzer. It allows you to point to a daemon base directory (usually ~/.gradle/daemon/<version>) and kill the daemons with the method killAll().

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If it is for testing, you can set the daemon timeout to a low value. This is what I do when I’m running tests against multiple Gradle versions.

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Thanks guys for your replies.

@bmuschko Killing daemon using OS command is one solution, but the class you mentioned pointed me to a static method ConnectorServices.reset(). It seems to work (stops daemon and allows to create a new connector from Nebula to another Gradle version), but it worries me a little bit that it is static and doesn’t operate just on a particular connector. Do you see any drawbacks of using it in functional tests?

@Attila_Kelemen Very smart idea to just tell a daemon to shut down after a moment. I like it.

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