Spring guide + gradle 1.8?

I installed gradle 1.8 using macports, setup GRADLE_HOME and appended the bin directory to my path. I cloned the git repository provide by Spring in their building a RESTful web service guide cd to the complete directory and tried to build with gradlew. The build fails on a mac running Mavericks and Gradle 1.8 but succeeds on Ubuntu running gradle 1.0.

Any additional hints if you try running with ‘–stacktrace’ or ‘–info’ or ‘–debug’ flags?

When using ‘gradlew’, the build is using the version of Gradle defined by the project, not the version you have installed. So it’s unlikely to be the Gradle version that is causing this (run ‘./gradlew -v’ to see what version is in play).

Your issues are more likely to be due to the JDK that you have in the path: looks like you’re using JDK 1.8 ea, which isn’t yet a supported Gradle JDK.

Thanks for the quick reply - yes I switched to 1.7 and all fine - thank you.