Sphinx4 Gradle Sphinx4 Dependencies Not Working

So I have been working with Sphinx4, specifically the TranscriberDemo, and when I installed to Eclipse the plugin for, and added the dependencies:

repositories {
maven { url “https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots” }
dependencies {
compile group: ‘edu.cmu.sphinx’, name: ‘sphinx4-core’, version:'5prealpha-SNAPSHOT’
compile group: ‘edu.cmu.sphinx’, name: ‘sphinx4-data’, version:‘5prealpha-SNAPSHOT’

to a build.gradle file in the same project. At first, it worked (even though there were still red lines under the Sphinx classes like Configuration), and now when I open Eclipse it won’t run because of those classes. I assume the sphinx4 library isn’t accessible for some reason and therefore, it can’t import those classes.

Can anyone provide any help?