Speed up compilation

I would be nice if Gradle could do a combination of things:

  1. use a compiler that allows deactivating constant inlining so it is possible to do very limited decompiles. There is always the Eclipse compiler and the new GraalVM compiler (pure java). I assume javac doesn’t have a flag to allow this.

  2. alternatively prevent the compiler from constant inlining using hacky tricks. On the source code level one can redirect value generation of constants to methods so the compiler is not 100% that it is a constant and skips inlining. There are other tricks like annotations, byte code manipulation, etc. Obviously this is all not ideal. I would prefer (1)

  3. go even further and make atomic recompiles possible - for example replace only parts of a .class file, like a single method in case you can make sure it doesn’t affect anything else. Maybe source code analysis could help here. I think Eclipse did this a decade ago (maybe this is not the case anymore) resulting in incredible build speed.

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