Specifying file dependencies for cpp project

How do you specify a file dependency for a cpp-lib project? Currently the user guide specifies how to declare an external dependency from a repository and from another project, but not from a lib file (.so or .dll)?

You might want to check out the ‘cpp/dependencies’ sample in the Gradle distribution.

The samples showed how to specify a dependency on a library that was produced by the cpp project, however, the project consists of building a library with a dependency on another existing library. I managed to workaround using the closure:

libraries {
     main {
          spec {
               args '-DLINUX',"-L${projectDir}/lib/linux","-lintexcmo","-lstdc++"

These were the arguments we specified in the ant-contrib build.xml for the linux build, and cross compiled with other scripts, which we are leaving alone for the moment.