Specify VisualCpp toolChain location


I’m using gradle 5.6.4 with the new cpp-library plugin.
In order to have deterministic build which is not dependent on user installations - we keep the visual studio build tools and SDK in source-control (like) and point our build scripts within source control to use it (instead if using user desktop installed versions).

I’m changing our cpp build to be gradle based and I’m trying to configure it to use these build tools/sdk instead of the one it automatically locates on user host.
In my library build.gradle I tried the following:

library {
    binaries.configureEach {
        if (toolChain in VisualCpp) {
            toolChain.setInstallDir(<predefined location>)

but it seems to have no affect - I can still see the invoked compiler/linker are from local machine visual studio installation and not from predefined location.

How can I configure the toolChain location correctly.