Specify artifact dependency in gradle

my artifact layout looks like this

group: test
name: build_Dummy

I would like to call a specific artifact on the list, say for example Dummy-Main-1.4-Build70-Src.zip

I wrote this:

dependencies {
archives(group: ‘test’, name: ‘build_Dummy’, version: ‘1.4-Build70’, artifact:‘Dummy-Main-1.4-Build70’, classifier: ‘SRC’, ext: ‘zip’)

I tried to specify “artifact” as “Dummy-Main-1.4-Build70’”
but it returns an error : Could not set unknown property ‘artifact’ for DefaultExternalModuleDependency{group=‘test’, name=’_build_Dummy’, version=‘1.4-Build70’, configuration=‘default’} of type org.gradle.api.internal.artifacts.dependencies.DefaultExternalModuleDependency.

how can I specify the artifact I want to use in this case?

thanks in advance