SonarQube - How to use sonarRunner tasks / file globally with gradle wrapper for all projects

I am implementing sonarQube in one of my project.The source code is in java and all build files are written in gradle 2.3.My project is having 8 modules under same repository and I am using the gradle wrapper while building the module.I checked in gradle wrapper for each module with module source code.while I trigger the build it checkout the gradle version(mentioned in wrapper properties file) from the artifactoryand use gradlew to build the artifact.

Below is mentioned in the wrapper properties files

Tue Mar 17 10:20:49 EDT 2015

while it checkout it creates a wrapper/dist in workspace in below manner(Using Jenkins)


Now I want to implement the sonar and for that I need to create global file or better add a section for sonarRunner Gradle task (containing all the sonar.xx.xx properties) where I can keep all the configuration and use it globally . I don’t want to write the properties for each module.Can someone tell me if I am using the gradle wrapper where I can keep this property file and make it global for all modules instead of changing or creating the property file for each module.