Some plugins break when using latest gretty plugin

I get this error when using gradle lint plugin. But there are also other plugins failing in the same way.

  • What went wrong:
    Execution failed for task ‘:autoLintGradle’.

Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ‘:core:grettyRunnerJetty93’.
Could not find org.akhikhl.gretty:gretty-runner-jetty93:1.4.0.
Searched in the following locations:
Required by:
project :core

  • Try:
    Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --info or --debug option to get more log output.

I know its a misconfiguration in the gretty plugin. There are other plugins that have similar misconfiguration.
So i guess gretty should fix it or plugin makers.

Is there a way to say to plugins that they should ignore some dependencies? Or should i tell gradle lint, and i also have the same issue with pitest (i think). Should i tell them to, or can i configure it to ignore gretty. It seems a bit of a pity that one plugin can break other plugins.

Can you elaborate on what the you mean by “misconfiguration”?

There isn’t. It simply indicates an issue with your build script that should be fixed as the plugin is not functional in the current state.

the bug in gretty :

When there is a reference to a jar that is not in a repo, other plugins start failing. (I guess only plugins that need to know this specific information start failing).

I know it sounds a bit stupid to use a plugin that is broken, but the functionality that we use the plugin for works fine.

The plugin should fix the issue directly. Could you please upvote the issue your are referencing here? The maintainer of the plugin is committed to fix those issues and release a new version soon..

@Andrey_Hihlovskiy Could you please follow up on this issue?

Ok thanks for your quick feed back :slight_smile:

I will see to fixing it in Gretty 1.4.1 (1 of February, 2017).

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Gretty 1.4.1 is out. Please try reproducing the problem on the new version and let me know, if things work as expected.

Yes, thank you that fixes it.