Snapshots are Not Updated


snapshots are not updated:

project A:
        project B:
 depends on "0.0.1-BUILD-SNAPSHOT"

Whenever the “project A” is updated and uploaded to the repo ( via uploadArchives { repositories.mavenDeployer … } ), “project B” does not pick up a “fresh” 0.0.1.BUILD-SNAPSHOT version of the “project A”, but rather uses the one in a cache. says to be fixed, but the issue is still there.

This is certainly working in Milestone-8, and I’d be surprised if it regressed in the build you are using.

By default, SNAPSHOT dependencies are cached and updated once every 24 hours. If you require a SNAPSHOT dependency to be updated on every build, you can do:

configurations.all {
    resolutionStrategy.cacheChangingModulesFor 0, 'seconds'

Check out the user guide for more info.


Is it suppose to update ALL dependencies on every build (if set to 0), or just SNAPSHOTs?

Thank you.

When using a maven repository, modules with a version ending in “SNAPSHOT” are considered to be ‘changing modules’. Other modules are not.

It’s worth reading the Dependency Management chapter of the user guide to get a better understanding of how these things work.


I can see Gradle pulling in SNAPSHOTs properly from command line now.

However, when I try to update IDEA with “gradle clean ideaModule”, the SNAPSHOT is not updated in the cache.

I have:

idea.project.ipr.beforeMerged {
    module ->

But it does not help.

Thank you.

Taking it back. I figured out what is going on.

SNAPSHOTs are properly updated. It’s


that are NOT. Hence in IDEA, unless I run tests, I see no changes to the file. Any way Gradle can update “BUILD-SNAPSHOT” and “BUILD-SNAPSHOT-sources”?

Thank you.

There’s not really a way to do this at this time. As a one-off, try running Gradle with ‘–refresh=dependencies’. This will update all of the cached dependencies.

Gradle is smart about this, and will only download the dependencies if they have changed, based on published *.sha1 files.

I see. That seems to work, although is taking some time to checksum all the SHA1…

gradle -ai --refresh=dependencies ideaModule

Thank you Daz.

–refresh dependencies is so slow. Is there any good way?

There is another way, using an experimental and subject-to-change cache control DSL: check out Sean’s ultimate response to