Signing with gpg2, secring.pgp does not exist anymore

(Florian Kammermann) #1

I try to use the signing plugin. But in the newer gpg versions (>=2.1) the secring.pgp doesn’t exist anymore.

Is there a possibility to use the signing plugin with the new gpg versions?

(Jakub Kubryński) #2

Any news about this issue? Currently it’s impossible to sign archives for anyone using GPG2

(Florian Kammermann) #3

Yes got answered on stackoverflow and works for me

(Jakub Kubryński) #4

Does’t work for me. I have keys on a smart-card and need native support.

(Louis Bergelson) #5

I’ve encountered the same issue and was forced to go back to using gpg 1. It seems like the signing plugin needs to be updated to support gpg2.