Setup gradle project in eclipse

Hi Everyone,

I’m a beginner level study Gradle.
First time I used it, I add implementation and Eclipse not add my *.jar into build path library.
How can I adding my local library ?


The main question is, why you would want to use those jars from a directory on disk, when you have a proper build tool at hand that does dependency resolving for you, including transitive dependencies and version conflict resolution.

There are veeeery little use-cases where it is really appropriate to use plain jars on disk as dependency.

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Hi Vampire,
Many thanks for your response, This is my first time using it. I tried many times.
But at present, I know my error, that from my side

I come back using gradle for my project learn.

I hope you and everyone have a good life.
This is my concern before, the first time I use tool management package. I’m not reading document.

But at present, I use once again, and I follow document and search my error.

Thanks you response before.

Good days,