Settings.gradle: Method code too large!

When migrating a rather largish Maven project to Gradle (“gradle init”), the generated settings.gradle file contains 1500 lines in 220 KiB. Gradle cannot compile this startup file because the JVM has a 64 kb limit on any method.

Is there a way to split up settings files?

apply from: new File(…) will create separate compilation units and therefore do the trick

Can you post a snippet of the settings script?
Approx how many projects in the build?
Is it a single include invocation for all projects?
Or one include per project?

If a single include a fix might be to refactor from

include ':a', ':b', ':c', ':d'


include ':a', ':b'
include ':c', ':d'

In chunks of 250 projects

Possibly caused by GROOVY-7367