Setting jvm args with JUnit 5 plugin

(Chryssa Charalambides) #1

I am trying to pass arguments to the JVM when running JUnit 5 tests.

I have a properties file which defines the locations of a bunch of input files. I wanted to pass the root folder as a JVM argument so it’s not hardcoded in my properties file. I was able to accomplish the same when I execute the program by using the application plugin and setting the applicationDefaultJvmArgs variable, but when I run the tests the variable is not set and all my tests fail. I do not want the test to depend on the program execution. I want to be able to run them independently.

I tried 2 different approaches but regardless the jvmArgs are not set correctly and my tests are failing.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

approach 1

junitPlatform {
  enableStandardTestTask  = true
task runJunitPlatform (type: JavaExec) {
  jvmArgs '-Droot.folder=c:/projects/scagABM'

test.dependsOn runJunitPlatform

After doing the above, I do not see the test task running so the jvm args are not set and the tests fail

approach 2

afterEvaluate {
  def junitPlatformTestTask = tasks.getByName('junitPlatformTest')
  junitPlatformTestTask.systemProperty 'org.gradle.jvmArgs', '-Droot.folder=c:/projects/scagABM'

For setting the jvmArgs I tried both what is above and the following

junitPlatformTestTask.jvmArgs '-Droot.folder=c:/projects/scagABM'

but again nothing…

Am I missing something here? Any suggestions of how I can set the jvmArgs from the junit platform tests?

(Chryssa Charalambides) #2

I was able to solve this with using just a system property

junitPlatformTest {
  systemProperty "root.folder", "path_to_folder"