Setting execution environments instead of JRE prohibits use of JavaFX bundled with Java8

The usage of ‘Executing enviroments’ instead of plain JREs prohibits the use of JavaFX in gradle-generated eclipse projects since such execution enviroments contain access rules forbidding access to jars located in the ext folder of the JDK/JRE. In Java 8 the bundled JavaFX is installed inside this ext folder by default which renders it unusable.

The gradle eclipse plugin should allow some configuration to decide if an Execution Environment or a plain JRE should be written to the generated .classpath files.

Please note that is already possible with the gradle eclipse command by customizing eclipse.jdt.javaRuntimeName. For Buildship there is a feature request that you can subscribe to.

Thank you for directing me to the correct configuration. I think I have mixed up gradle and buildship when searching for the reason of the wrong result. Your hint works for me now.