Set build number for SNAPSHOT

(Sebastian Peters) #1

When using the mavenDeployer{} for a SNAPSHOT repository, the deployed artifacts all get pushed with their own timestamp and build number. The latter is incremental with each build.


I make other projects use that dependency like this:

dependencies {
    compile "[group]:[artifactId]:2.1.1-SNAPSHOT:i386-Windows-msvc2010@nar"

When another project uses that SNAPSHOT dependency, it always goes for the one with the newest buildNumber in the Maven repository (which would be 3 in my first picture).

Unfortunately, not all builds have the corresponding classifier (architecture information in my case) in combination with the latest build required for the dependency in question. In fact, each SNAPSHOT gets deployed from a different, physical machine.

Gradle gives me this error:

[windows-64 (i386-Windows-msvc2010)] A problem occurred configuring root project '[...]'.
[windows-64 (i386-Windows-msvc2010)] > Could not find [...]-i386-Windows-msvc2010.nar ([...]:[...]:2.1.1-SNAPSHOT).
[windows-64 (i386-Windows-msvc2010)]   Searched in the following locations:
[windows-64 (i386-Windows-msvc2010)]       http://[...]/2.1.1-SNAPSHOT/[...]-2.1.1-20161128.135055-3-i386-Windows-msvc2010.nar

Notice how it automatically goes for -3-.

However, if I use the classifier of the latest SNAPSHOT build (“amd64-Linux-gcc446” in my first picture), the dependency gets resolved fine.

What can I do?