Scripts-remapped directory using up all the inodes on my system

(Roberto Longobardi) #1

after having issues with my Ubuntu/Linux system always running out of inodes, I found out that Gradle is creating millions of directories in its “caches/2.14.1/scripts-remapped” folder.

It looks like this directory is never cleaned up: it’s a cache anyway.

Should I file a bug for better housekeeping of this directory, or to find a better solution for Gradle to reuse scripts as long as they are not changed?

Note: I’m using Gradle 2.14.1 within a Liferay 7 project, both through Eclipse and directly on the command line (gradlew).


(Stefan Oehme) #2

Hi Roberto,

a bug report would be much appreciated.


(Roberto Longobardi) #3

Hi Stefan,
looks like I don’t have the authorization to open issues into your JIRA.

Is that so?


(Stefan Oehme) #4

We no longer track issues on Jira, please open one on GitHub