Scala doesn't compile when moving from 3.2.1 to 3.3

(Corneil du Plessis) #1

I have a project that compares performance of various JVM languages.
When I change the wrapper to use 3.3 from 3.2.1 compileScala report UPTODATE regardless.

This is the link to the project.

To reproduce follow the steps:
git clone
chmod a+x ./gradlew
./gradlew build
# edit gradle/wrapper/ and change to 3.3
./gradlew clean build

If there is something wrong with my build script I would like to know about it.


(Sterling Greene) #2

Do you have any other flags set in your ~/.gradle/ e.g. org.gradle.parallel or org.gradle.cache.tasks or anything like that?

(Eric Wendelin) #3

Hi Corneil,

Oddly, I cannot reproduce this issue given your reproduction steps. Here are my build scans for Gradle 3.2 and Gradle 3.3, respectively.

I’ll have to second @sterling’s request for your properties, settings, or environment. Please let us know so we can dig into this issue further.