Same package from two jar (ambiguity)


We are using two jar files which contain a similar package.due to which our build is getting failed.
is there any way to exclude the package from one of the jar file.

Thanks in advance

See here for an example which creates a new jar by removing some classes and depends on the “tweaked” jar

I am trying the below code but “FileVisitDetails” is not resolving. i imported the excat package but the
FileVisitDetails is not resolveing. nor even in import statement.

task tweakCommonsConfig(type:Jar) {
def classList = []
fileTree(‘src/main/java’).matching {
include ‘org/apache/commons/**/*.java’
}.visit { FileVisitDetails fvd ->
classList << fvd.relativePath.pathString.replace(’.java’, ‘.class’)
from zipTree(configurations.commonsConfig.singleFile).matching {
exclude classList
destinationDir buildDir
archiveName ‘tweaked-commons-config.jar’

You won’t need the classList calculation in that example. You can just do the following to exclude a package

exclude 'foo/bar/**' 

For completeness, here’s the FileVisitDetails interface

exclude keyword can exclude the transitive dependencies only. correct me if i am wrong. we have package a similar package in two of our jar and we want to exclude a particular one.

I don’t think you’ve understood the script. It’s creating a brand new jar from an existing jar and excluding a couple of classes