Running multiple Gretty processes

Hi, I use Gradle in parallel mode which should make it possible to start multiple Jetty processes using Gretty plugin. I created a task like below.

task startWeb {
  dependsOn ':subproject1:appStart'
  dependsOn ':subproject2:appStart'

Unfortunately only subproject2 starts web application. The reason seems to be caused by dependencies (at least I think so). Subprojects 1 and 2 depend on some common subproject3. Could it be indeed a problem? When I start only subproject1 or only subproject2 it works. I also tried starting other subprojects webapps in parallel (both subprojects didn’t share dependencies of the same subprojects)) and it worked too. I would appreciate any suggestions what should I maybe look at.
Thanks :slight_smile:


EDIT: I’ve just realized that subproject1 depends indirectly on subproject2 but this dependency uses non-default configuration (called classesArtifacts). I guess this is the reason and probably I should get rid of such dependency chain which is not that simple because this is legacy code. Is there any other way to fix it?