Run a Java program : NoSuchElementException

Hi everyone,

System.out.println("Enter a word \n");

Why Gradle doesn’t let me time to enter a string and tell me “no line found” at java.util.Scanner.nextLine?

Thank you!

Try this task implementation:

task scanInput << {
    println "Enter a word \n"
    def result = new Scanner(
    println "Entered word: $result"

Thank you for your answer! So I have to put this new task in the build.gradle right? Sorry I’m not sure that I undetstand well as I started learning gradle last month

Correct. You can execute it with “gradle scanInput”.

Thank you very much, it works well.

I understand creating a new task allows me to do a scanInput, but how can I put it into my java program?

It asks the user to enter several words, and the program prints a sorted list of words. Should I rewrite my program in tasks in build.gradle?

If this logic should be part of your application, then no. Gradle can help you build and run this application though. Have a look at the application plugin in the Gradle online documentation.

I was at the beginning asked to build my java project in Gradle to have a jar with my class in it. I use the gradle build command in the shell and I obtain two files : “build” and “.gradle”.

Is trying to run it by gradle run command necessary?

I thought I can check it was sucessfully build by testing if the program runs, is it right?

Sorry to ask these questions, I am quite lost, and thank you for your asnwers.

Use gradle to build this project. Gradle is a commonly used build tool in java world. You can google it. Using gradle build a jar with your class in it.

I’d recommend you read up on the Java plugin in the online documentation. It gives an answer to pretty much all of your questions.

Okay thank you, I read up the java plugin, but I still have comprehension problem because of a lack of English vocabulary and I’m am not really good at programming, I entered Computer Science Department last september.

I understand that Gradle provides one instance of test and one of compile, but I don’t understand if there are commands to execute it :confused:

You can do ‘gradle test’ or ‘gradle compileJava’ or ‘gradle jar’. Have a look at the many samples in the full Gradle distribution.