RFC: Gratatouille - Cook yourself delicious Gradle plugins. Generating tasks from Kotlin functions using KSP

Hi :wave:,

This is a Request For Feedback (RFF) for a project I’ve been toying with recently, Gratatouille:

Gratatouille takes a top-level Kotlin function and generates tasks, workers and wiring code so you don’t have to. Function parameters are task inputs. Function return values are task outputs.

One of the key features is that Gratatouille enforces a clear separation between a plugin implementation and it’s wiring. The wiring calls into the implementation using reflection so the classloaders are completely separated.

This is still the early days so don’t expect everything to work out of the box (but there is a working sample app!). I’d be super interested if you have a use case or something you’d like to see. Hit me up and/or open issues and I’ll be happy to look into them.