Rewriting to support symbolic link runs into shadowing issue

In a desperate move to support symbolic links and broken symbolic links when copying and zipping and taring files, I have to start somewhere. I try to replace and (using 8.0-rc-1) with my own custom implementation. But I run into a shadowing issue:

.../ error: incompatible types: cannot be converted to
            zipOutStr = compressor.createArchiveOutputStream(zipFile);
1 error

The exact source of the problem is this line: gradle/ at 464b7dbb21b7bfbd86b19ef5b35b470f0429b444 · gradle/gradle · GitHub

    zipOutStr = compressor.createArchiveOutputStream(zipFile);

It looks like the return type of the compressor is shadowed. How do I work around that given it’s mostly internal APIs? Any advice?