Reuse artifacts in multi project build

I have a multi project setup to build a war file, so on project is to build the war file, some projects are java projects and some should only build zip files.
In the java projects I use the java or java library plugin, and when I depend on thise projects in the war project, vereything is fine.
Starting the war task build all java projects and puts the outputs into the war file.
But in the zip file projects, I’m a little lost. It is possible to also use the java plugin to create jars containing the files I need.
And then in the war project I define a new configuration to add dependencies to the zip file projects and do a little more logic to add those projects to the war file:

war {
    dependsOn {configurations.resource}
    from {
        configurations.resource.collect { zipTree(it) }
    } {into "WEB-INF/resource"}

enabled = true

But I don’t want to use the java plugin.
So I tried to only use the base plugins.
I added the new configuration, added a new task for creating the zip, connected the new configuration with the new task and expanded the assemble-task.
But now when starting the war task, the zip files are neither build nor added to the war file.
So what am I missing?

This is my complete build file for a zip file (with maven publish)

apply plugin: "base"

configurations {

task buildZip(type: Zip) {
    from "resources"
    includeEmptyDirs = true
    into "resource"

artifacts {
    compile buildZip

assemble.dependsOn buildResource
check.dependsOn buildResource

publishing {
    publications {
        maven(MavenPublication) {
            artifact source: buildZip, extension: 'zip'
                withXml {
                    def dependenciesNode = asNode().appendNode('dependencies')
                    configurations.resource.allDependencies.each {
                        def dependencyNode = dependenciesNode.appendNode('dependency')
                        dependencyNode.appendNode('version', it.version)

Also the dependencies in the zip file projects are not resolved.

I just think I found the correct page in the documentation to solve my problem.

So I added in the zip file build

configurations {

but this did not work either. I’m afraid that I do not have any ideas anymore. Neither is running the dependencies task on some zip file project depending transitively on several zip file projects not even shows the transitive dependencies nor is anything put into the war file.

Found the solution here: