Resources included as file: and jar: in tests

I have a file src/main/resources/file.txt in a sub-project yyy. The unit test code uses PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver().getResources("classpath*:file.txt") to locate the resource.
With Maven this call returned a single resource. However, with Gradle (6.6RC1 at the moment) I get two resources:


As in the GitHub issue mentioned below, the * in classpath*: is part of the problem.
Why does this file appear twice on the (test) classpath when using classpath*:?


This only happens if I add the test fixtures plugin AND have an integration test source set. The problem is caused by runtimeClasspath += sourceSets.main.output from the integrationTest configuration. I’m investigating what this means. I took this straight out of so this might be a bigger issue?

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Raised a bug: