Replaceing call to a removed internal method

executeWithoutThrowingTaskFailure() was removed. I know this is an internal API, but a plugin i used called that method. How this should be fixed properly? As you can see in the referenced issue, i suggested to call execute() in a try-catch block, however that is ugly, and still uses internal API actually.

There’s no public mechanism for programatically executing a task. What problem are you trying to solve? i.e. why do you need to programatically execute a task?

I am not sure actually, i am not the original author of that plugin. Can you check out the source code wit the call?

Well, if the goal of the plug-in is to configure some stuffs and execute it, there is no need for a task.
Instead of calling AARLinkSourcesTask.execute…() inside the plug-in, the plug-in should only call the task AARLinkSourcesTask @TaskAction method directly.

Thanks! It was also strange to me, but as is said, i am new to Gradle plugin development.
I made the changes you suggested and it works as expected.