Remove log category "org.apache.httpclient.wire" from debug logging?


I am trying to run some kind of integration tests on a gradle custom plugins. Those tests download jar/wars on a local maven repository. However the test usually die while generating the html report that is bigger than 1GB for 2 strange reasons: - first, it seems that the whole report is stored in memory before being write on the disk. Is that normal ? - then (the biggest issue) it seems that the whole files content is logged into the html report via org.apache.httpclient.wire stuff. I did not manage to remove those logs, even after googling the issue and read a lot of stackoverflow topics about that.

Does anyone know how to have this working ?

Thanks !

BTW: I am using Gradle 1.7 and Java 1.6.

Cheers, Emmanuel

Anyone ? I am really desperate :-).

We had issues with the default verbosity of org.apache.http logging. The most important consequence was that it took the Jenkins JUnit publisher 11 minutes to process the output. When we reconfigured test logging, that dropped back to 20 seconds.

We use the slf4j bridges and logback. So for us, the solution was to configure org.apache.http to WARN in src/test/resources/logback.xml.

(having issues with code syntax, sorry)


Thanks you very much for your answer. Actually I am not even sure which logger I use, everything is Gradle default. I will look into it right now :-).


Thanks, I have it working now !

For other users interested: in my build.gradle dependencies section I added:

testRuntime group: ‘org.slf4j’, name: ‘slf4j-api’, version: ‘1.7.+’

testRuntime group: ‘ch.qos.logback’, name: ‘logback-classic’, version: ‘1.+’

And I added a file src/test/resources/logback.xml with the following content:

%-4relative [%thread] %-5level %logger{35} - %msg %n