Remote build cache release notes?

Hi where can I find the release notes for remote build cache?

Trying to see whether we need to prioritize it.

As far as I know, there aren’t release notes specific to the build cache itself.

There’s a product page here:

And general release notes for gradle as a whole like this:

In terms of prioritisation, I suggest getting your build to the point that

  1. the incremental build locally works consistently without ever having to do a clean
  2. you can move the directory of the project folder and the incremental build still works consistently.

Once you’re there, then get the build cache setup.

Thanks @hsrinara! Sorry it wasn’t super clear. I was specifically asking for the release notes regarding the remote cache server, e.g. from 5.2 to 7.0, so we could decide whether we need to perform the updates.

Thank you!

Hi @wisechengyi. I would say there’s no particular urgency, but it’s also very easy (just drop in the new jar and spin it up). Unfortunately, we don’t have release notes available at this time.