Recommended ways of (Java) dependency management

Hi everyone!

I was wondering what the current recommendations for managing JVM (Java) dependencies in multi-project builds are.

For context, we’re talking about a Gradle multi-project build for a Java 11 application with ~100 subprojects and 242 unique external dependencies (dependencies between subprojects not counted).

I’ve found multiple approaches but would like to discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Declare dependencies in a dedicated submodule with the java-platform plugin and include the platform in all subprojects. This is the approach I’m currently using
  2. Declare dependencies in a map in a Gradle script and refer to them in each subproject build.gradle file.
    Example: Kafka
  3. Declare dependency versions in and include them in every subproject.
    // ...

Which approach are you using What are the advantages or disadvantages you see?

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Nobody with an opinion on this? :sweat_smile:

Do you mean all your subprojects share the same dependencies? If I have same configuration in subprojects I usually define it in their parent project like this:

subprojects {
    dependencies {

You could also create a convention plugin if you have more complex logic, see Sharing build logic between subprojects Sample