QT header and lib dependencies - or carving up a legacy build into Gradle objects

Currently I am using PrebuiltLibraries to import some QT headers and shared libraries. I would really like to replace these with api and shared links to a new Gradle sub-project that builds QT. Given the scope of QT I don’t plan on trying to actually build it natively with Gradle, rather just to use exec to run configure and the GNU Make plugin to run the Makefile.

Given that I know the headers and libs that the QT build will generate, is there a good way of defining those on the QT sub-project and making them exportable to my parent project via the api and shared links?

Perhaps hardcoding the binaries into the model or creating some tasks that set their outputs to the known locations in the Make build folder?

The ultimate goal here is get some very basic level of variant support into the QT build so that I can dynamically build QT for x86 or arm depending on the parent project platform type.