Publishing Jars with Classifiers after v5.0


It appears that between 5.0 and 5.1, using a classifier when publishing JARs using the Maven Publishing plugin has been depreciated. I mention this because many of the fields are now marked deprecated in the v5.1 docs, but they were not in the v5.0 docs. I didn’t however see any mention of this deprecation in the v5.1 release notes, but perhaps I missed it.

What is the new way to specify a classifier when publishing JARs to Maven repos?

Note that the current version of the Maven Publishing Docs still list classifier in the complete example.

(Mathias Kalb) #2


I came across the same problem. The documentation (5.1.1) contains the following statement:
" And note that you need to use classifier rather than appendix here for correct publication of the JAR."

The java code (AbstractArchiveTask) contains the following deprecation doc:
Use getArchiveClassifier()
But you cannot replace a setter with a getter.

(Louis Jacomet) #3

You are perfectly right, these changes happened in 5.1 but were not properly reflected in documentation.

In short, instead of classifier which is a simple field, you should use archiveClassifier which is a Property and thus enables Gradle to do more. For example if you were to set this value by using a task output, Gradle could infer the task dependency automatically. See javadoc for more features.

So all your code that is:
classifier = 'foo'
needs to be changed to:
archiveClassifier = 'foo' // DSL equivalent to archiveClassifier.set('foo')

I filed to follow up on this.

(Mathias Kalb) #4

Thankys for the fast reply.

How can I set the archiveClassifier with the KotlinDSL?
Example from the documentation:

tasks.register<Jar>("sourcesJar") {
    classifier = "sources"

I get a compile error “Val cannot be reassigned” when I use the follwoing code.

archiveClassifier ="sources"

(Louis Jacomet) #5

For the Kotlin DSL, you have to do: archiveClassifier.set("sources")
There is no DSL sugar that allows to use the = for assigning a value to the property.

That limitation is due to a language level Kotlin limitation from what I can recall.

(Mathias Kalb) #6

Thank you! It works fine.

tasks.register<Jar>("sourcesJar") {
    manifest = project.the<JavaPluginConvention>().manifest {

tasks.register<Jar>("javadocJar") {
    manifest = project.the<JavaPluginConvention>().manifest {


That worked for me. Many thanks!