Publish several poms with different artifactId


I have a regular gradle project which generates several jars and poms. The particularity is that the generated poms can have different artifactId or groupId from the current project. The default jar task is disabled so I can control the generation of the jars.

After the build process, my output folder looks like this: build/libs/artifact-a/artifact-a.jar build/libs/artifact-a/pom.xml build/libs/artifact-b/artifact-b.jar build/libs/artifact-b/pom.xml

I added those extra artifacts in the artifacts{} configuration and added filters for mavenDeployer and mavenInstaller.

Let’s consider that my gradle project is configured with artifactId=‘artifact-a’, after the artifactoryPublish execution, all these files will be uploaded to the same path on Artifactory (groupId/artifact-a/version/…). Indeed I’d like those artifacts to be uploaded in two different folders: groupId/artifact-a/version/… groupId/artifact-b/version/…

I’m not really sure how to tackle this problem, I’m thinking about creating a publish task for each groupId/artifactId, and point to the right pom.xml each time, using the mavenDescriptor variable.

Has anybody tried/achieved something similar?

Thanks, Jérémy