Publish one projects configs to multiple groups

Hoping someone can help push us in the best direction on how to publish 3 artifacts from one project into 3 different groups.

We have a project called core-portlet and that project generates 3 artifacts

  • core-portlet-service.jar
  • core-portlet.war

We have them publishing into Artifactory in a group called
What I would like is to publish them into separate sub groups

We tried setting the group name at each place we added the artifacts but it seemed that the last group name in always won overriding the other group names.

Here is our core-portlet build.gradle. All of the work is done in the applied from gradle files

apply from: "$rootDir/gradle/liferay-service.gradle"
apply plugin: com.hewitt.gradle.plugins.LiferayPackagePlugin

dependencies { 


apply from : "$rootDir/gradle/liferay-polugin.gradle"
configurations {

artifacts {
        serviceJar(servicesJar)  {
                group = ''

plugins.withId('java') {
        dependencies {
                compile files(tasks.servicesJar)

artifactoryPublish {
        publishConfigs 'serviceJar'



project.artifacts {
     group = ''  
     archives project.tasks.packagePluginZip       
     // also tried this but the results were un changed
    //  archives(project.tasks.package.PluginZip)  {
    //    group = ''
    // }