Provided scope in Eclipse integration broken with Upgrade to Gradle 2.0

We recently migrated to Gradle 2.0 and Eclipse integration seems to be broken for provided scope. I have the following in my Build.gradle.

I did try the netflix provided plugin , but that does not help because its even packaging provided scope, When i use it with ShadowJar plugin.

So i would need to make another implementation work. So Eclipse integration works and fat jar does not contain it.

apply plugin: 'java'
apply plugin: 'eclipse'
  configurations {
dependencies {
    provided group: 'org.apache.hadoop', name: 'hadoop-client', version:'2.0.0-mr1-cdh4.6.0'
  sourceSets {
    main.compileClasspath += [configurations.provided]
    test.compileClasspath += [configurations.provided]
    test.runtimeClasspath += [configurations.provided]
  eclipse.classpath.plusConfigurations += [configurations.provided]
// Eclipse users only

Can you be more specific what is the problem? As far as I can tell you build.gradle will not generate proper .classpath file because it misses repository section. The dependency is not resolved and generated compile classpath will be empty.

BTW: it seems that you are aware of