Provide richer alternatives to multiple task actions

summary: Introduce finalizer and initializer tasks as an alternative to doFirst amd doLast actions. status: Post 1.0 code: planned

With a simple DAG model (like Ant has) you can’t express that something should be done after a node is executed. In Gradle you can solve this ATM with the actions you append to a task. We want to introduce finalizer tasks to solve this in a better way. They provide a DAG instead of a list, have a proper API, can be excluded, have a description, … It will simplify our task model and yet make it more powerful.

The other limitations of actions is that they form an ordered list which does not provide the richness of a graph and you might have some ordering issues. By introducing initializer and finalizer tasks they will provide a nicer alternatives for those kind of problems.

Is this feature added to 1.5?