Provide "live" methods for ExtensionContainer

(Oliver Reißig) #1

It would be nice if ExtensionContainer would implement NamedDomainObjectContainer or at least DomainObjectCollection to provide “live” methods like the PluginContainer does for Plugins.

(Luke Daley) #2

Hi Oliver,

Sounds like a good idea. In what situation did you need this?

(Oliver Reißig) #3

I try to propagate “global” settings of the root project in a multiproject build down to the subprojects.

I do not want to use the project hierarchy’s fallback, as this does not allow to override individual settings of subprojects independently (it passes the whole extension instance). Therefore I register separate extension instances for each subproject and propagate global settings on extension creation via convention mapping. The last part cannot be done currently, so I look for plugin creations and scan the extension container afterwards for newly registered extensions, which is quite a hack.