Properties defined by a task as manifest attributes

(Wujek Srujek) #1

Hi. I would like to have a task that defines some properties, that are then used as attribute values in the jar.manifest.attributes. I am failing, here is what I have:

task dynprop << {

someprop = ‘some dynamic value’ }

jar {

dependsOn dynprop

manifest {


someprop: dynprop.someprop


} }

It fails saying that: > Could not find property ‘someprop’ on task ‘:scm’.

Which is true, because at the time the attributes are configured, the dynprop task hasn’t run yet. If I change it to this:

task dynprop {

someprop = ‘some dynamic value’ }

it works, but is not really what I would like - it will run every time the build script is executed, not only when needed.

How to achieve what I would like?

(Peter Niederwieser) #2

Why do you want to set the property at execution time? What’s the use case?

(Wujek Srujek) #3

The use case is that is is time consuming to set this property (actually, a few of them), and it doesn’t have to be done for clean, compileJava or others, only for anything from jar onwards. That includes starting processes, like ‘hg id --id’, but also others, to define properties that I eventually would like to store in the manifest.


(Peter Niederwieser) #4

You have to defer configuration of properties whose values are only available at execution time. For example, you could configure the manifest in ‘jar.doFirst {}’, or wrap attribute values as follows:

attributes(someprop: new Object() { String toString() { dynprop.someprop } })