Project with path ':plugins:pubsub' could not be found in project '::plugins:rtidds'

(James Rice) #1

I get the error in the title when upgrading gradle from 3.0 to 3.4.1. I’ve been going through the docs, but can’t see where what I am doing is now wrong. Will try to post pertinent content, but let me know if it’s not enough. The directory structure:


top level gradle.settings looks like: = "veritas"

include "core"

include "plugins/samples"
project(":plugins/samples").name = ":plugins:samples"

include "plugins/pubsub"
project(":plugins/pubsub").name = ":plugins:pubsub"

include "plugins/rmi"
project(":plugins/rmi").name = ":plugins:rmi"

And the gradle build file for plugin/rtidds is:

repositories {
    flatDir {
        dirs  "ndds.4.5d.rev28/class"

dependencies {

    compile project(':core')
    compile project(':plugins:pubsub')

    testCompile name: 'byte-buddy', version: "$byteBuddyVersion"


jar.baseName = 'veritas-rtidds'

Thanks for any help.