Project.ext and ext differ

(Eugene Janusov) #1

Hi there,

My understanding was that ‘ext’ is always just another reference to ‘project.ext’ object. But it turns out that it is not always the case. Please, check the following example: The assertions on lines 1, 7 and 16 pass, but the one on line 10 inside a task scope fails.

Is it supposed to work like that? Did I miss something in the documentation?


(Luke Daley) #2

All DSL objects have an ‘ext’ property.

Your test case fails because you’re comparing the task’s ‘ext’ with the project’s ‘ext’.

(Eugene Janusov) #3

Ah, I see.

I suppose I was confused because ‘ext’ does work as I expected inside configuration blocks like ‘buildscript {}’ and ‘dependencies {}’.


(Luke Daley) #4

That’s a bug in both cases. The bug is that those objects don’t get the runtime enhancement.