processResources in 6.5.1

I am building a very basic java project on 6.5.1 but I cannot see the processResources Task.

Has it been removed?

I should have checked and been clearer. The processResources task is triggered when I do a dummy build. However, this is not visible in either the gradle tasks output command or in the gradle tasks list window in eclipse.

Also, on Eclipse, I cannot see the sourceSets as eclipse source folders. Do I need to do any specific setting or script in the build.gradle?

Thanks in advance,

Running gradle tasks is not intended to output all tasks by default. Tasks without a group are not shown, which hides many of the intermediate tasks that users generally don’t care about.

For example, the processResources task mentioned is created by the Java Plugin to process the resources included in the jar task. It’s not generally useful as a stand-alone operation. If you do want to see it, run gradle tasks --all or use the toggle in the interface to enable viewing all tasks.

You haven’t really provided any details to help determine what you have or you’re trying to do. You shouldn’t need anything special for your source folders to be recognized in Eclipse if you do actually have source folders in the project and it’s being recognized as a Gradle project. However, it’s not clear if you’re doing anything else unique because there’s no details.