Problem with proguard and gradle cache on Jenkins pipeline

(Maciej Gąsiorowski) #1


On jenkins we use pipeline and stash gradle cache beetwen stages, on one project we have problem with proguard. He has warnings only when using gradle cache from another stage, when I build everything is ok, or when I remove gradle cache.

Proguard warnings:

Warning: there were 377 unresolved references to classes or interfaces.
Warning: there were 21 unresolved references to program class members.

Tested gradle versions: 4.7. 4.9

I tried:

  • –refresh-dependencies - don’t work
  • clean task - don’t work
  • remove .gradle/caches/transforms* katalog - works
  • remove .gradle/caches/transforms-1/files-1.1 - works
  • remove .gradle/caches/transforms-1/metadata-1.1 - works

How can I debug this problem, to find solution?

For now I gave posibility to remove .gradle cache from stage, and everything works ok.