Problem with overriding project.version and project.description in multi-project

When I try to read the value from project.version and project.description I expect that is act on same way as when I’m reading
In example from picture in task ‘bootRun’ for I’m getting name of subproject, and that is as expected.
But when I’m reading project.version, I’m always getting a version of the parent project, not from subproject, as I’m getting the name of subproject.
The same behavior is with project.description.

Example of project structure and use case

I can’t reproduce the issue you are reporting. Here’s my example:


include 'a', 'b', 'c'


version = '1.0'

allprojects {
    task printVersion {
        doLast {
            println project.version

project(':b') {
    version = '5.5'

Command line:

$ gradle :printVersion

$ gradle :a:printVersion

$ gradle :b:printVersion

As you can see the proper project versions are reflected. I guess the reason you are resolving the wrong project version is because you reference the root project instead of the actual subproject. Try to actually assign a closure parameter when referencing the subproject.

subprojects { subproject ->
    println subproject.version

Hi, thx for suggested solution.

I found out that I have a problem when I’m trying to add bootRun task in subproject, and in that case that task is getting information from the parent.
If I create custom tasks in subproject, then that task is getting proper values from project variable.

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